计算 Compute

虚拟机 Virtual Servers

基本CPU、内存配置虚拟机 Basic CPU/Memory Configed Virtual Server

GPU硬件加速虚拟机 GPU Attached Virtual Server

FPGA硬件加速虚拟机 FPGA Attached Virtual Server

InfiniBand硬件加速虚拟机 InfiniBand Network Attached Virtual Server

裸金属服务器 Bare Metal Server

虚拟机镜像服务 Virtual Server Image

轻量应用服务器 Virtual Private Server

容器服务 Container Management

专属集群 Decicated Cluster

Supports Docker/Kubernetes containers and allows users to run applications on managed instance clusters.

无服务器容器 Serverless Container

Allows customers to spin up container instances at Fargate Container Instances will without any additional installation of underlying infrastructure or hosts.

镜像仓库 Container Registry

Allows customers to store Docker formatted images. Used to create all types of container deployments on cloud.

镜像构建 Container Building


Kubernetes Pod 设置 Docker run 的 shm_size 参数 11 Ways (Not) to Get Hacked

批量计算 Batch Computing

When processing across hundreds or thousands of compute nodes, this tool orchestrates the tasks and interactions between compute resources that are necessary.

弹性伸缩 Autoscaling

Automatically changes the number of instances providing a compute workload. Users set defined metrics and thresholds that determine if the platform adds or removes instances.

函数服务 Function

Integrates systems and runs backend processes in response to events or schedules without provisioning or managing servers.


时钟同步 Time Sync Service

Enables customers to access time servers from Time Sync Service within the cloud network.


块存储 Block Device Storage

SSD storage optimized for I/O intensive read/write operations.

对象存储 Object Storage

Object storage service for use cases including cloud apps, content distribution, backup, archiving, disaster recovery, and big data analytics.

归档存储 Archiving

A lower cost tier for storing data that is infrequently accessed and long-lived.

共享文件系统 Shared File Storage

A simple interface to create and configure file systems quickly as well as share common files.

备份 Backup

Backup and archival solutions that allow files and folders to be backed-up and recovered from the cloud, and provide off-site protection against data loss.

混合云存储 Hybird Cloud Storage

Integrates on-premises IT environments with cloud storage. Automates data management and storage, plus supports disaster recovery.

PB级数据迁移 Petabyte-scale Data Transfer

Petabyte-sacle to Exabyte-scale data transport solution.

存储容灾 Disaster Recovery

Automates protection and replication of virtual machines with health monitoring, recovery plans, and recovery plan testing.


云虚拟网络 Cloud Virtual Network

Provides an isolated, private environment in the cloud.

跨界连接 Cross-premises Connectivity

Connects cloud virtual networks to other cloud virtual networks or customer on-premises networks. It also supports VPN tunneling.

专属网络 Dedicated network

Establishes a dedicated, private network connection from a location to the cloud provider.

负载均衡 Load Balancing

Automatically distributes incoming application traffic to add scale, handle failover, and route to a collection of resources.

API 网关 API Gateway

API Gateway is a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale.

域名管理 Domain name system management

Service that hosts domain names, routes users to Internet applications, manages traffic to apps, and improves app availability with automatic failover.

内容分发网络 Content Delivery Network

Global content delivery network that transfers audio, video, applications, images, and other files.

动态 CDN (Dynamic Site Acceleartion)

NAT 网关 NAT Gateway

Provides Source Network Address Translation (SNAT) and Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT) functions for virutal servers in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), making it easier for you to configure the ingress and egress for a VPC.





  • 关系数据库: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Key-Value: Cassandra
  • 宽表: AWS KeySpace
  • 文档数据库: MongoDB
  • 内存数据库: Redis, Memcache
  • 图数据库: Neo4j
  • 时序数据库: InfluxDB, RRDtool
  • 分类账: AWS QLDB

关系数据库 MySQL Relation Database MySQL

关系数据库 MariaDB Relation Database MariaDB

关系数据库 PostgreSQL Relation Database PostgreSQL

关系数据库 SQLServer Relation Database SQLServer

缓存数据库 Redis

缓存数据库 Memcached

NoSQL 文档数据库 NoSQL document storage

NoSQL 列数据库 NoSQL column storage

图数据库 Graph Database

数据库迁移服务 Database migration

数据分析与大数据 Analytics & Big Data

数据仓库 Data warehouse

A fully managed data warehouse that analyzes data using business intelligence tools.

大数据处理 Big data processing (MapReduce)

Supports technologies that break up large data processing tasks into multiple jobs, and then combine the results to enable massive parallelism.

数据管道 Data Pipeline

Processes and moves data between different compute and storage services, as well as on-premises data sources at specified intervals.

Cloud ETL (extract, transform, and load)

Cloud-based ETL/data integration service that orchestrates and automates the movement and transformation of data from various sources.




数据湖探索 Data discovery

A serverless interactive query service that uses standard SQL for analyzing databases.

报表 Visualization

Business intelligence tools that build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and develop business insights from data.

物联网 (IoT)

设备操作系统 Device Operating System

IoT operating system for microcontrollers

边缘计算 Edge Computing

Local compute, messaging, data caching, sync, and Machine Learning inference capabilities for connected devices.


Easily and securely connect devices to the cloud. Reliably scale to billions of devices and trillions of messages.


Onboard, organize, monitor, and remotely manage connected devices at scale.

设备数据处理 IoT analytics

Analytics for IoT devices. Because IoT data always noisy ,inconsistant and etc, IoT analytics help the data engineer and data analyst for data COLLECT, PROCESS, ANALYSTIC.


Security management for IoT devices.




开发者工具&管理工具 Developer Tools & Management Tools


Hosted platform for application(specially microservices architecture) framework, deploy, register and discovery, management. The open source frameworks are: SpringCloud, ServiceComb, Dubbo, Motan etc.


监控 Monitoring

Monitor resources and applications. The open source products are: Nagios, Zipkin, Prometheus etc.

日志 Logging

Application log collect, search. The open source products are: Logstash, Fluentd etc.

性能与调用链跟踪 Traceing

An extensible application performance management service for web developers on multiple platforms. The open sources products are: Open Tracing, Pinpoint, Jaeger etc.

应用配置管理 Application Configuration Management

Application configuration templating, rendering, notification. The open source solution: confd+etcd



应用压测工具,广泛应用的产品有 Jmeter, LoadRunner

消息队列 Streaming Message Queue

用于高吞吐、高可靠的数据传输场景的队列,当前最广泛被应用的开源产品为 Kafka 。

消息队列 AMPQ

应用最广泛的标准 AMPQ 协议的队列实现,当前最广泛被应用的开源产品为 RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ。



秘钥管理与数据加密服务,秘钥使用FIPS 140-2 认证的硬件安全模块(Hardware Security Module)保存,秘钥更新,提供信封加密等功能。


应用&数据集成 Application and Data Integration